John Hinkley

Valley General Store (aka Valley Hardware & Supply) is the oldest continuous business in Halstad, MN. There was a locally owned hardware store in Halstad, MN on the corner of Highway 200 and 3rd St West for over 125 years. Brothers Christen and John Sulerud opened Sulerud Hardware in 1894 and served the community until 1965. The Holland Brothers, Earl, Ames, and Lowell, purchased the business from the Sulerud Bros. Holland Hardware was in business for 33 years, from 1965 to 1998.

John Hinkley, the current owner, purchased the store in 1998 from the Hollands and changed the name to Valley Hardware & Supply. John and his wife Pauleen left their jobs in Fargo, moved from the neighboring town of Perley and happily took up residence in Halstad where they raised their children, Katie and Nathan. John’s parents, Roger and Janice Hinkley, also moved from Grand Forks to assist with the store operations. The three generations made Halstad their home and gave their energy to making Valley Hardware a strong and stable business.

With the local grocery store closed and high school no longer in Halstad, John decided to take on a new venture to help keep Halstad and the surrounding communities active and growing. Considering the age of the current building (130 years) and with no space to expand it, construction started in late 2018 on a new and bigger building a couple blocks east, at the intersection of State Highway 75 and Highway 200. In August 2020, Valley Hardware & Supply became Valley General Store and a full service Grocery Store and an Off-Sale Liquor Store were added.


The community of Halstad and the surrounding area has been kind, welcoming and extremely supportive of their local general store. Halstad Municipal Utilities as well as nearby municipal utilities, regional grain elevators, area schools, banks, fire departments, churches, Halstad Living Center, farmers, and of course the residents have all come to depend on the local and personalized service of Valley General Store. In turn, the Hinkleys and Valley General are strong supporters of community events and local business development.

In the past, The Halstad Community Club awarded Valley Hardware & Supply (aka Valley General Store) the “Business of the Year” and John the “Citizen of the Year” awards. John strives to make personal & business decisions with the attitude of helping the community grow and thrive.

We invite you to please come and visit us at Valley General Store in Halstad. Explore our vast supplies of paint, hardware, pet food, and supplies for all your project needs. Pick up fresh produce, meat, dairy and a full line of groceries to feed you and your family. Don’t forget to pick up your favorite beer, wine and liquor from the Off-Sale before you go.

Thank you for letting us be part of your everyday hardware, grocery and off-sale needs!

John & Pauleen Hinkley

Valley Hardware and Supply, Owners